Tools to Innovation Management

Innovation Management

These tools support group brainstorming and innovation.





“IdeaScale is an easy-to-use, yet powerful solution for the collection of feedback and ideas.” It helps users, “empower innovation, bring[ing] out the best ideas from your customers and stakeholders by giving them a platform to share, vote, and discuss feedback. How it works: users submit ideas… others vote on those ideas… and the best ideas bubble up. This process allows you to get feedback from your loyal constituents, understand those constituents, solve problems, and steer innovation by knowing what your community really wants.”

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Learning Registry




“The Learning Registry is a new approach to capturing, sharing, and analyzing learning resource data to broaden the usefulness of digital content to benefit educators and learners. The Learning Registry is not a website or repository… it's not a search engine… and it's not a replacement for the excellent sources of online learning content that already exist… The Learning Registry is an open source technical system designed to facilitate the exchange of data behind the scenes, and an open community of resource creators, publishers, curators, and consumers who are collaborating to broadly share resources, as well as information about how those resources are used by educators in diverse learning environments across the Web.”

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